Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Travel is on our minds more than ever now, with lockdown in England coming to an end, or at least being loosened a little, people are starting to look forward to what the future can bring and starting to make travel plans.

But why don’t we think about how we can travel in a more eco-friendly way from now on, here are a few ideas about how you can do this:

🚃 Don’t always fly, not always possible I know, but sometimes you can interrail, get a bus of some kind, hire a car. Just think outside the box a little, and you might even be able to save money and time.

✈️ If you do fly, fly economy class, you take up way less space per person than business class, yes it’s not always the most comfortable, especially for long haul, but overall carrying more people in a smaller space is more efficient. 

💚 Pack light, common sense should tell you this. But packing less means there is less luggage on a flight or in your mode of transport, meaning less fuel is needed to power the vehicle, in turn meaning less carbon emissions going into the air.

♻️ Travel with sustainable or fair trade travel companies. @betterplacestravel is a sustainable travel agency which helps you find local travel experts and experiences all over the world. (I will do another post on sustainable travel companies soon.)

🍖 Meat is one of the biggest world polluters, especially beef, so by eating less meat when you travel can help to reduce the carbon footprint. You don’t have to limit this to only when you travel of course, but just consider a couple of meat free meals during the week.

🐯 Never do something touristic with wild animals, animals such as tigers and elephants should only be seen in the wild on safaris, there are not suitable to be served as a tourist attraction so try to stay clear of them, or do you research thoroughly before embarking on an journey to see them in captivity.

☕ Take your own reusable things, this is a no brainer and something you know I talk about all the time. Be sure to pack your water bottle, soap bars, canvas bags etc.

Will you consider any of these changes when you next travel?

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