Small sustainable fashion brands to support right now

Supporting small and local is more important now than it ever has been. With so many shops and businesses closing down due to the pandemic, we need to support our local businesses and start up ones more than normal. 

I’m not saying don’t shop at big chain shops, but consider smaller ones before heading into Primark for a pair of cheap jeans, when you could get a more expensive pair that will last you 10 times longer. It’s about quality over quantity. At the end of the day Primark and other big fashion brands will still be around once this pandemic is over, but the smallest ones may not. 

Recently I’ve discovered a lot of sustainable fashion brands online and wanted to share some of the ones I love with you.

Aurora is a start up sustainable swim and activewear brand, based in London that is launching in Spring 2021. The girls behind the company are all travel lovers and have seen first hand how much of a negative impact both travel and the fashion industry has done to our planet. Their clothing is made from RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is made from plastic bottles found in the ocean and for every purchase made a tree is planted in return.

This cute sustainable t-shirt brand is based in The UK. They design adorable products that are all organic, eco and vegan friendly, sustainably sourced and with a zero waste policy. All their products are made with organic cotton which doesn’t pollute the air or harm the people making them. They also pride themselves on Fair Wear Foundation which means all factory workers that make their products are paid fairly, are guaranteed safe working conditions and have a proper working contract.

Also, for every product that is sold they donate money to One Tree Planted who plant trees across the world to try and combat deforestation.

This is a sustainable company based in The UK that uses recycled plastic bottles, renewable bamboo and biodegradable wool to make their products sustainable and eco-friendly. Their trainer products are made completely with recycled materials and they weigh less than 200g (I have a pair and can confirm this is true). Their main fashion focus is on comfort and style as well as being sustainable.

This is a family run business based in The UK, with health and fitness in mind. Their products are made from organic cotton and polyester sourced from only recycled materials. Not only does this reduce the volume of plastic waste going into the oceans, it also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint, as fewer resources are needed to create new fibres. Their products are made to last as they know how quickly people tend to get through sports wear. They have a range of products from tees to gym leggings.

So when you next need to buy some new clothes. First stop and think … do I need to buy something new or do I just want to? Then consider these smaller brands rather than hitting up your favourite chain store shop online.

Let me know any other small sustainable brands I should check out.

Take care,

Jem xo.

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