How to know if a brand is ‘genuinely’ making products sustainably

Recently I’ve had quite a few sustainable brands contact me and it has got me thinking more about sustainable fashion and how you know if brands that are approaching you are genuinely sustainable and eco-friendly or not.

Well here are some of my top tips to look for when looking for sustainable companies …

♻ Look for brands that represent what you see to be sustainable.. it could be eco-friendly, ethically friendly so, no use of animal products, vegan friendly, fair trade so, focusing on the well being of staff etc. If you know what you’re looking for in a brand then this part can be simple. You can ask them outright if they don’t have this information on their website.

♻ Go to their website and find out more about the company, how they make their garments, where they source their materials, where the garments are made, do they have ethical and sustainable values. This is something I always do before approaching a brand, or if a brand approaches me, I look into them before considering a collaboration.

♻ Learn about the history of the company and look up reviews. See how it was founded, does it have a solid ethos or mission behind it. This comes hand in hand with looking at the company’s website. Discovering how a company was founded and the history will give you a good idea about what kind of business it is, and of course reviews will help you to see how good the products are.

♻ Do some stalking, have a look on their socials and people that have promoted the products, do some digging to make sure you are fully satisfied. It’s simple enough, if other influencers and bloggers have worked with a brand, drop them a message to see what they thought of the experience and the company, this will give you a good indication if it’s a brand you also wish to work with.

@goodonyou_app is a ethical fashion app that rates brands based on their ethical and environmental aspects. Download it and search for the company to see where and if they rank. Remember that start up companies might not appear on here straight away.

♻ Follow Instagrammers and Bloggers that promote and advocate sustainability, if they have advertised a product then you can guarantee they have done their research and are happy to have them on their socials. Build a relationship with them, as you never know where this could lead.

♻ If after all of these steps you still aren’t sure, just send the company an email and ask them directly. Write up a bunch of questions that you want answers to and see what they say. If a company is truly sustainable and eco-friendly like they say then they will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Remember, being sustainable and more eco-friendly is the new normal and needs to be promoted more, so the little things we can do make a difference. Do your research and never be afraid to ask questions.

Take care,

Jem xo.

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