How To Travel More Sustainably

Have you ever stopped to think, do I travel in a sustainable way?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, especially as the ‘younger generation’ of travellers have become more aware of it. It’s so important that we make more people aware of it and how everyone can make a difference no matter how big or small, but if we want to continue to travel and enjoy our beautiful world we need to act now.

So, here are some ways you can travel in a more sustainable way from now on …

♻️ Travel local – this year has been the perfect opportunity to explore local areas, but this is something we should continue to try and do as much as we can, even when the pandemic is better.

♻️ Travel out of peak season – now this seems like common sense right, the prices are cheaper and there are less people around. I know for some people this isn’t possible due to work etc, but if you can try and do it.

♻️ Avoid using plastic products whilst away – even little things like taking your own water bottle/coffee mug with you when you travel, it can make the world of difference. Just make sure that the tap water is safe in the countries you travel to, if not then invest in some purifier tablets.

♻️ Shop at local markets and buy fresh produce from local businesses. If you want to eat in restaurants, also do this locally, the best tip is to look at restaurants that have the menu in the country’s language, these tend to be cheaper as well. If you’re not sure what places are local or not … Ask someone.

♻️ Don’t leave a trace – this means take your rubbish with you, recycle, don’t damage the natural environment, leave it as you found it, so no taking shells, rocks etc as souvenirs.

♻️ Reuse hotel towels, this is a common thing when staying in a hotel, we think that as we can have a clean one everyday we should. No, do you use a new towel at home every single day? It’s unlikely, so hang your towel to dry, this is creating less washing daily for hotels, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment.

So after reading this, can you say that you travel sustainably or not? 

What are you going to do going forwards to change this?

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1 year ago

Love this! Thanks for preaching sustainable travel, I hope more people will start to travel this way 🙂

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