Madrid on a budget

Spain, a country of so much beauty. Valencia has arts and culture, Barcelona has Gaudi’s architecture, Seville has flamenco dancing and a vibrant history, and Madrid has a bit of everything. If you’re looking for somewhere to travel on a budget but also want to make the most and do

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A weekend in Istanbul

On the ferry across to Asia We all know that Istanbul is a massive city, with tonnes of things to do. You could spend a whole week there and still not see/do everything there is to offer.  But what can you do if you’re only there for a weekend? Back

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How to take photos as a solo traveller

How do you take pictures when you are a solo traveller? We have all been there, that awkward moment when you really want a photo but you have no one to take it, and sometimes a standard selfie just doesn’t cut it these days. What do you do? Here are

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My first solo trip

How many times have you travelled solo before? What did you think of it? Did you travel far from your country or stay close? How did you make friends? Didn’t you feel scared or lonely to be on your own? These are just some of the questions I get people

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Discover Malta

Those of you that know me or follow me on Instagram will know that I lived in Malta for two years. I went over there to work as an English Language Teacher and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. Living by the sea makes you feel more alive and free, there is

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How I grew my Instagram

A lot of people have asked me recently, Jemma how did you manage to grow your account so quickly? I only started my travel Instagram back in April 2020 when the pandemic hit, I wanted something to keep my mind occupied from the fact that I had moved back to

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